Friday, February 12, 2010

Keeping a watch on Wells Street

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Wells Street is the place to keep watching. Within a very short time, there will be two or three new businesses opening and the Savings and Loan building is moments away from completion.

First off,workers are diligently transforming what used to be a portion of the previous Antique Mall on Wells Street into an Asian Fusion Restaurant. I have no other clues about menu, owner or other foodie information, but I am excited to see what cozy little nook of a place is going to be opening. Just when you wanted to sigh in despair for our local restaurant scene's recent attrition, you get good news like this. Yeah for our team!

Renton has sorely been in need of an independent bookshop, and the Old Renton Book Exchange at 227 Wells will be opening in March to fill the void. "Offering used books from current to collectibles at the best price and the fairest exchange rate" is what is being advertised in a flyer that is seen about town and last I looked, the carpenter was in the house building bookshelves. What a great addition this will be to our fair DTR.

As luck would have it, I ran into Dawn Finn who is looking to create a Thrift Store in the other remaining half of the old Antique Mall digs on Wells Street in the very near future. After the closure of Value Village, Dawn seeks to give thrifters another reasonable priced outlet for secondhand shopping. This is great news for me - I live for the thrill of the thrift hunt.

So, keep your eyes peeled. Wells Street is just starting to heat up.
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Elizabeth said...

Hooray for a bookshop! And thanks for the update, Lady P!

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo for up and coming new stores!


Anonymous said...

great post! i'm super excited about all these new business opening up. we're definitely in need of a new thrift store and a bookstore after Buy the Book (sadly) closed shop. yey for DTR!


restaurant wells me said...

Whoa!great job...I am so excited with the restaurant...Hopefully I could go there as soon as it opens..Thanks for sharing it..

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