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Warning: It's a TAX people, however you slice it - Talking about Prop 1

Lynar Deluca and her son Sammy have spent many an hour in support of Keeping Our Libray Local. Lynar is the voice behind the blog, Vote No 'til You Know.

If you already voted and you just saw the newly released numbers (link here) (good link here) that show how much more you will be paying out of pocket to have KCLS run our library show (this is a new line item to your tax bill ) - don't worry, you can still change your vote, and vote NO.

If you are appalled by the fact that KCLS is currently petitioning their users for an increase from 42 cents to 50 cents per $1,000 in a special election that is being held right now because they claim that they will need to cut back on staffing and hours if they don't get the funds (Wait! that sounds like the same argument Pro Prop 1 is using to get us to sign on!) and you need to change your vote to a resounding NO, don't worry.

If you think that it is not right nor fair that the above mentioned sounds like "taxation without representation" and like it even less that the charts with costing per $1,000 does not reflect the possible addition of of this new tax from KCLS in the above link, you still can say NO.

If you are just now realizing that if Renton Public Library joins with KCLS, the current 21-26 cents per $1,000 tax that we are paying will NOT be applied to our new KCLS bill, but will go into a general fund whose application has not been decided upon - you can still say NO WAY Prop 1.

(check out the costing discussions on Randy Corman's blog in the comments section right here)

When you see that the City of Renton commissioned a MASTER PLAN by an outside consultant to advise on the library to the tune of $118,000 and the conclusion was to KEEP OUR LIBRARY LOCAL, and now we are spending another $130,000 for a "special election" and you wonder how many security officers could have been added to our force at that price, you can still VOTE NO - even if you already voted.

If you think that this special election is all because the City of Renton wants to annex Fairwood, already a member of KCLS since at least 2004, who refuses the city's annexation offer unless Renton joins KCLS. Stop the meglomania unfairly linked to our library issue and say NO to Prop 1.
And Fairwood - The Picaroon apologies and means no ill will.

If you didn't like the fact that the Voter Pamphlet, which should by law, come to you 30-45 days prior to the Ballot and arrived either on the same day or a day after. If you thought it unethical that you should receive Pro Prop 1 literature in with your utility bill. If you have heard King and Bunny Parker ( King is a council member) were the funding source for the expensive mailer that went out to a targeted mailing audience just when your ballot arrived - it is still not too late to VOTE NO.

If you think that there has been a lot of DOOMSDAY SCARE TACTICS (don't support Prop 1 and the library will... - what!? not exist??!!! Our librarians have been making it work for YEARS of being underfunded! it's just time to give them the support they so need!). That our "progressive" city council may just be out of touch with this community and be talking down to us all here a wee bit -


If you already voted, you can pick up a replacement ballot at the King County Election's website

If you haven't yet voted, check these sources out:

Vote No 'til you know

Save Renton Library

PS if the librarians say it's not a good idea, you know, maybe it's not a good idea. They would know. And PPS, the librarians at KCLS are not happy with their employer -FYI

UPDATE 1/30:Randy Corman's blog covers where the monies owed to us from KCLS and our Benson Hill annexation here and other facts. The debate is HOT folks!


Anonymous said...

Awesome - Thank you.

Sara said...

Does Renton have a choice about annexing Fairwood? Did the study factor in what the cost would be of taking over the Fairwood branch, and I would guess an increase to the reciprocal lending fee, when Fairwood would be annexed?

And hey, we've got more than just Ace and Albertsons in Fairwood.

Lady P said...

Point taken, Fairwood. Apologies. The point being, I don't want the KCLS issue with our Renton Public Library to have anything to do with whether our neighbors or future annexation partners are KCLS participants or not. Benson Hill was with KCLS prior to annexation with Renton. This occured in 2007 and Benson Hill had already paid a lot of money to KCLS, who then said they would return 2 million. One payment of just under $500,000 was made and we, Renton, are still owed $1.5 million, which could easily pay our KCLS reciprocal borrowing fees for oh, like 5 years. Somehow it is rumored that if Renton joins KCLS we won't be getting the rest of that money. Hmmmmm - wonder why not, when we keep hearing we haven't the money for our library.

Anonymous said...

that's right Fairwood also has a Bartell's.

Anonymous said...

Nice Blog Lady P. Lynar, Sammy, and many others have been out there hittin Renton hard with the facts. Let's just hope it's enough. Every bit counts and you have such a strong voice in Renton. I do hope readers are paying attention. :)

Freakazoid Freddy said...

I voted no, but the attacks on Fairwood are unkind.
First of all, the attacks on Fairwood are unkind. There was no official stand taken by Fairwood about whether they'd support being annexed by Renton only if KCLS took over the library. From a users perspective, KCLS is a pretty good system, and Fairwoodians like their library. But it's not like all the people in Fairwood said they'd oppose being annexed by Renton if the library vote fails.People in Fairwood are not some strange creatures who burrow beneath the Ace Hardware and only emerge for air ocassionally to bite the necks of strangers. They're capable of being educated, but they're used to their library, and it's a pretty good one.
Just struck me as unfortunate to put down Fairwood as a way to make your point. They've got a good Thai restaurant and a good Mexican restaurant. It's not such a horrible place, and I'm sure there's a diversity of opinions there.

Lady P said...

Ira - you are right, and on second thought, I rescind those ungracious remarks made about Fairwood and would willingly accept them as my fellow Rentonites anyday..
But, I want this vote to be just about the merits of the library system and not some backroom political deal.
Fairwood - Mea Culpa

Freakazoid Freddy said...

And really, I'm just being a knee jerk, bleeding heart liberal. I don't even live in Fairwood.
But what kind of backroom deal could have been made? You can't guarantee that people are going to vote a certain way. At some point, the folks in Fairwood might have it on the ballot whether to join Renton or not, just as the folks in the Skyway area might. I can't imagine that the library would be the deciding factor. Taxes would.

Anonymous said...

Ira - I have been hearing that the library is a big factor in the Fairwood annexation and it should be. The residents of Fairwood have put a lot of money into the KCLS system and if they annex into Renton they get nothing from KCLS so I can see why they would be protective of their investment. At the same time Renton residents have a lot of pride and money invested into their library and neither place should be asked to give it up for the other. Fairwood is great, it is where I hang my hat but I do hang out in DTR more.

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