Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lay on a layer of laquer, Ladies

We still need to feel pretty, even if no one else sees our toenails except for ourselves. This is the time of year to express yourself, for yourself, in the nail department. Wanna try a new shade? Go for some nail art that makes you grin when you lean over and look in the morning shower? Treat yourselves, gals - add some glam and have a new color of lacquer applied at the best downtown nail salon I know - CK Nail & Spa.

Hahn, the nail specialist, has been busy creating all sorts of new designs and has a great eye for color and detail. My toes are all about FALL. What will yours say about you?

CK Nails & Spa
900 S. Third St. (425)282-6453
Mon - Sat: 9am-7pm Closed Sunday

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