Saturday, October 17, 2009

Renton Tattoo Art - as seen on S. Third St.

Along a certain block or two radius in the DTR, you can see art in the making. Tattoo art coming alive on the skins of Rentonites and others who have traveled to our land to have colorful work become a part of their being. This is Carlee and this is her birthday tattoo with 15 hours of work already done. Magenta at Diamond Tattoo and Body Piercing is the artist. It has special ink that will allow some of the design to be seen only under a black light. Wow.

This is Jamie and her sugar skull tattoo, inspired by her Mexican heritage and The Day of the Dead but it also reflects her Native American Indian heritage. That is where the braids come in. This is just the first day working out the tattoo with Tor at Ancient Art's Tattoo.

Renton - a great place to get your INK

Ancient Art's Tattoo
928 S 3rd St
Renton, WA 98057-2734
(425) 255-5841

Diamond Tattoo & Body Piercing
1017 Bronson Way S
Renton, WA 98057-2155
(425) 227-8282
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