Thursday, October 22, 2009

Remember your civic duty today and join a meeting

So many places to be tonight in Renton and all are good for your civic soul and the heart of your community. But how to choose? All I know is that your presence at any one of these meetings would be greatly appreciated - so wait to put on the fuzzy pink slippers and sweats tonight for a little while, and come hang out with your Rentonite friends.

The North Renton Neighborhood Association will be holding a meeting tonight at the Renton Senior Activity Center, 211 Burnett Ave. N., and the half an hour before the official start at 7pm is for drinking coffee, schmoozing with the crowd and have a snack or two. This will be on the ground floor this time around, as the usual room will be holding a Block Watch Meeting upstairs.

A great Block Watch Meeting with the ever informative and effervescent Cyndie Parks of the Renton Police Department's Crime Prevention Unit will be the guest speaker, 7pm at The Renton Senior Activity Center 2nd floor for anyone who is interested in coming. Some of my neighbors are thinking to first start out upstairs at the Block Watch Meeting and then move downstairs to catch the remainder of the North Renton Neighborhood Association Meeting. A little two-timing action, if you know what I mean. It could be good, if you are up to a little double indemnity.

The Museum Master Plan Informational Meeting is also occurring this evening from 7 to 9pm at the Renton History Museum which is located at 235 Mill Avenue South, which is one block south of the Renton Public Library. I wrote about this meeting last week, and as the museum's consultants share some of their findings in relation to assisting the museum with it's next 15 year phase, it is an excellent opportunity to have a say in how Renton history will be viewed and made.

Be a good Rentonite - make one of these meetings your preferred destination TONIGHT
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Wendy said...

Even though we are back in Florida, I still love your blog. I miss Renton.

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