Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Halloween decorations to die for

More Halloween haunting to be found on Williams Ave. N. between 3rd and 4th. Can you stand it? This is just next door to the house of the Shlegel's that I featured yesterday. Whew - is there ever a lot of Halloween Spirit in that part of town!

I never realized that a sitting gargoyle could be so cute and attractive to me. Either my standards are getting lower or I am just getting that much closer to the undead.

Never too many pumpkins in my estimation.

Okay, so you know that you and the kids are just gonna have to come over to this block a week from this Saturday and check this all out, right? Because I have one more house to feature on this very block before I am done. So hold onto those witch and warlock hats - we are just beginning our Halloween neighborhood flight.
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