Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Come and get your pumpkin cupcakes - Common Ground Coffee and Cupcakes

Sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too. If you are nice, believe in the power of the pumpkin patch and share bites (occasionally, when forced ) of your cupcakes, then you just might come out ahead. The Picaroon certainly did yesterday, when taste testing the newest flavor at the Common Ground Coffee & Cupcakes - Pumpkin. Pumpkin flavored icing on top of a moist pumpkin spice cake. Heavenly harvest, come to mama!

The sweet side of blogging about Renton is getting to know the lighter fare of our little burg's life. Other bloggers have gone where The Picaroon has tread - and with far more serious and investigative baking intents. One food blog that I love to peek in on, Cakespy, visited our dear downtown to have cupcakes on a handful of occasions and then wrote a review. On the very day Cakespy wrote about our tasty little frosted treats, an even bigger blog began featuring her on her blog's front page, the wonderful Bakerella. So now, people across the globe were wishing they were in Renton and eating our deserts. So I am sincerely hoping that you are not taking Common Ground Coffee and Cupcakes for granted and that you will soon be heading in for some fall festiveness. Little iced pumpkin cakes, cup sized and crazily scrumptious.

Common Ground Cupcakes and Coffee
900 South Third St.(425) 235 - 1717

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Anonymous said...

Yummy! I love Pumpkin, and wait all year for it to come around.

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