Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Let Me Take You to the Market - with a little Western Flare

Western gear and the Renton Farmers Market are a natural fit - so the theme for the next to the last Farmers Market (that's right, so Cowboy Up and come next week!) was a very fitting choice. The Picaroon has been on a camping vacation these last few days, and arrived back in town just in time to catch some produce at the market and snap some shots.
Don Sorenson is one of those market volunteers that really puts in a good, hard day at work - he deserves to take a load off. Don told me that within the Renton city limits, spurs were in fact, not illegal. So I had to make certain that I included them in this shot. Just make sure to give way when you see Don up and out of his chair though.

I love all the people who come out to the market, list in hand and an eye for appreciating all the fresh produce and more that is being offered. For many, it will be the ending of a really great market season that was a part of the weekly shopping routine for 14 weeks. Today's weather was in the 70's, and all told, we only had one rather dreary, wet market day this year. Amazing.

Right near the MC and front stage is the best purveyor of pot stickers and dumplings around - Jovee is her name, and she always has a winning smile and a line in front of her booth.

The ears of fresh corn abound, and I don't resist on buying them to take home or eating them right there at the market. I am not the only one who finds this summer delicacy a tasty and portable treat.

Eating corn can be a great way to loosen up before your martial arts class where you have renewed energy to kick somebody's you know what.

Linda Weldon, who works for the city on the Finance Dept. along with her friend, Collen Thornquist of McCorkle's and Associates, like their corn as well. It goes right along with hanging out together and making plans on what to buy for dinner.

Lisa has all the bright yellow energy she can carry today.

The fruit prices at many of the vendors today were really good. Like this sign says, your choice of an assortment of different fruits all for the price of a buck and a half per pound. Plums, nectarines, apple pears, apples, peaches - to name a few.

How did yet another corn photo get in here??! Guess you know what I ate for dinner and what' s on the menu at chez Picaroon tomorrow.

This man by the name of Tex was singing some of the prettiest western tunes and the whole piazza was in his thrall. Hat's off to this fine balladeer.

The Master of Ceremonies will never let you down, nor fail to provide a rootin' tootin' time at the Market. Brian Larson, at your service.

J.J. Springer, aka John or the happy dancing man, is perhaps my favorite market volunteer. His mere joyful presence gives everyone license to laugh and dance at the market each week. Here he is with Abraham, and Lena, making the market a fun place.

How could I leave you without a bouquet of flowers and the promise to share them with you, on this, the second to the last market day of the year. Haven't come yet this year? Make it next week. The market does not disappoint.

The Renton Farmers Market
Next Tuesday 3pm - 7pm
The Piazza/ S. Third St. & Burnett

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