Sunday, August 9, 2009

When the internet meets the real world - Renton Bloggers at large

Today was the day that the ethernet/internet materialized for one brief moment in time in Renton. The first Renton Bloggers Meetup took place at noon in the streets of the DTR . Although much publicised by Rich Zwicker, who called this meeting together, it was mostly just those of us who write on, about or around the topic of our little ole town that showed up, had coffee at Liberty Cafe and shot the shit.

A glaring exception would be RentonBen and Daves Not Here - notorious commentators on Randy Corman's blog Renton Community Update and occasionally weighing in at Rich Zwicker's Renton425 and Miss Lynar's AllaboutRenton blogs. The Picaroon avoids such verbal lacerations and shenanigans by monitoring the blog comments, left in the ever capable hands of Mrs. Heimlich Mortimer, staff Blog Monitor and spokesperson for The Picaroon at today's gathering. However, RentonBen must have sent a younger, more kind spoken stand-in today, for much to The Picaroon's (and everyone else's surprise) RentonBen was not as heinous as previously thought. He insists that a good 25% off his blog potty mouth is to incite a little blog blather, and seems to think that he comes off as a "liberal conservative" (huh?!!). Whatever the source of his diatribe, his persona today did in no way match his online caustic antics. This is rather a worrying conundrum - there is still more digging necessary to get to the bottom of RentonBen, but I don't have enough garden gloves to spare.

Brandie, Miss Lynar of AllaboutRenton, Mary Clymer of Happy Delusions Weblog and Mrs. Mortimer of The Picaroon.

The Picaroon was happy to meet a relatively new blogger to the Renton online scene, Rebecca Wright of the blog The Wright Up, whose link I will be syncing to my front page ASAP. Elizabeth Stewart of the Renton Historical Museum swung by to say "howdy" as did our Mayor Denis Law and Marcie Palmer with her photographer hubby Gary Palmer.

Mayor Denis Law, Randy Corman, Cathy Corman, Rich Zwicker, RentonBen and his son Alden, Freakazoid Freddy of the Displaced Hipster's Guide to Renton.

Blogging Celebrity status has it's perks - Mrs. Mortimer was dressed today by Deb of Girlfriend's Antiques,Gifts and Floral on S.Third St. Thanks Deb- our staff Blog Monitor looks great!


Anonymous said...

I think Renton Ben was on good behavior with his son there, but I was happy to see him show up.
Great picture of all us girls.

Barbara said...

Looks like I missed a good time, even if I'm not 'really' a blogger. Don't let that RentonBen's longish hair fool you, just a 'hippie' wanna-be Ha! With kids that cute ( you should see the other one), you can't be all bad - and he's real smart too!!!
Mrs. Mortimer, your outfit and hair were just to die for!

Nate J said...

Enjoyed being there, though I arrived later on.

~ Nate

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