Monday, August 24, 2009

The right kind of pageant for Renton

In a time when girls in pageants look like wilder versions of poor JonBenet Ramsey, it is nice to hear of a pageant that doesn't focus on tutus and big hair, but on scholarship and true talent. The Picaroon had the pleasure of meeting Renton's candidate for the 2009 National American Miss Washington Jr. PreTeen Pageant this weekend. Alice Serret-Sather is a state finalist who will go to the Bellevue Hilton on September 3 - 5 for the Finals and her last walk down the stage. When she heads towards the platform, she will be escorted by her father, because this is an event that sponsors family participation. Alice was wearing her badge proudly this weekend proclaiming her participation in the event and her family were even prouder of her involvement. Finally, a competition that awards girls for academics and brains over the obvious physical attributes. "Today's Girls and Tomorrow's Leaders" - putting the focus on our youth back where it belongs, on their innate and inner skill set.

Good luck there Alice!

(the PNW local news did a article on the Auburn finalist, read about it here)
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