Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Renton Reporter moves to Kent

The sign outside the Mills Ave. building where The Renton Reporter resides says "Your Community Newspaper". While still planning to be of the community, for the community, the Renton Reporter will no longer be in the community as of tomorrow, when it moves to Kent to share digs with sister publication The Kent Reporter just three blocks shy of Renton.

Helping out with overhead at the West Valley Hwy and S. 194/6th Street location is just temporary, the staff at the Reporter assured me today while they had an impromptu going away cake amidst the moving boxes and slight disarray. (The Picaroon was graciously offered cake but declined - our summer sugar intake has been a tad scary!). The Kent Reporter can expect to have Renton around just until their lease is up and then the plan is to return back here, with the ultimate goal being to open their offices in a storefront location.

The Renton Reporter Staff :
Jamie Faase, Natalie Bonham, Dean Radford, Rene Flansaas, Ellen Morrison, Celeste Gracy, Adam McFadden

The general staff consensus is that you will see them around even more and not less. The Reporter would not like us to feel as if we have been abandoned in anyway. However, it will put a kink in Celeste Gracy being able to walk to half of her interviews for articles and from seeing Rene and Natalie out and about on a coffee run to Liberty Cafe.

Safe travels down Kent way and hope the lease is up soon!
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rcwant2be said...

whoooo. i feel special for passing on this rumor to the official renton rumor debunker.

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