Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Meaning of life

I have often thought that the meaning of life could be found in the bottom of my coffee cup, so the fresh roasted stuff of Caffe D'Arte bearing that name was speaking my language. It is also available to all of you, $11.95 a coffee pound, which is cheap for life altering truths and obscure mysteries solved.

While there with your omniscient beans, you may consider a little something sweet to help make the revealing messages of life go down that much easier. Try these mini cupcakes, in their assorted flavors and dreamy color combos. Match it to your outfit or your mood. Remember, you still are in charge of your destiny, no matter what the coffee cup says to you. And whatever you do, don't hold a conversation with the coffee in public - somethings should remain a secret still to the rest of us listless coffee drinking peeps.

Common Ground Cupcakes and Coffee
900 South Third St.(425) 235 - 1717

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