Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Let me take you to the Market - Week 13

Jessie's Berries professed "We've got the Blues!" today at the Renton Farmers Market, and they most certainly did. Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries - luscious berries. Buy a little, buy a lot - every berry your little heart desired.

You know me - gotta plug the absolutely gorgeous $5 bouquets of flowers that are everywhere in our market. I have recently been down Pike Place Market way in Seattle, and let me tell you, our fleurs are more plentiful and wonderfully priced than those I glimpsed there (personal opinion, of course).

Future generation of flower shopper in the making.

Sign up to have delivery of milk and eggs directly to your home by Smith Brothers. First week that both eggs and milk have been available for purchase at the market - wonderful. Makes for a one stop shop approach at the market and helps add further appeal to our ever growing market selection. Want to find out more? Head to the Smith Brother's website.

Oh Fudge! has more than just candy to offer - this week, they had the largest squares of 7 Layer Bar Cookies imaginable and the price that could not be beat! $3! Don't lick the screen, it's bad for you.

Fall is coming - you can feel it in the air and the crops are beginning to change, and so are the fruits. I know that you can always find at least one vendor with apples, but I am already thinking of those cherries who are having their last week at the market, making way for other goodies to come. Like soon to arrive fresh fall apples.

Life is always colorful at the Market. That's why you should stop by.

I had never seen so many colors of carrots before until this week at Full Circle Farm - where all the produce is certified organic and all the colors are mesmerizing.

If you buy no other herb or spice than this, you will still have the best basic ingredient in your kitchen. Onions - they can make any savory dish taste even better

Free Range Eggs! Only $4 a dozen or bring your own egg carton and knock down the price by 50 cents. They looked so warm and fresh - straight from the hen.

Don't forget your veggies! I know that the tasty market desserts are calling your name, but not before you have your basic colorful greens and lycopene filled tomatoes first, please.

Music is always an element of the market. Sidewalk busking, guitar melodies making the shopping that much nicer. Today was supposed to be Public Karaoke at the microphone. Our citizens with singing skills were somewhere else this afternoon. I did not hear a peep or a squeak from the stage while skirting the edges of the booths. Okay - maybe that was for the best. I wouldn't want to accost anyone with my singing, maybe everyone else was being just as considerate.

Renton Farmers Market
Tuesdays from 3pm till 7pm
The Piazza/ S Third and Burnett

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