Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Let Me Take You to the Market - Week 12

I arrived later in the day at the market, and the angle of the sun on the flowers was inspiring. Could not help myself. The $5 bouquets are breathless beauties, full of color and texture, depth and scent. Did you get yours today, my friend?

Tons of basil, so fresh, green and pungent - so much nicer than anything you see in the supermarket. Had me dreaming of pesto sauces and tomatoes with mozzarella. Look at that price!

The Piazza, home to the Renton Farmers Market, has lots of areas, rocks and fountain sides that become perfect perches for someone to land with a snack or their evening meal. Everywhere you look, friends and families are taking a load off and eating a mouthful of market munchies.

The bees were having a field day on the large, blowzy sunflower blooms that peeked out at each of the flower stands. They were punch drunk, weaving drowsily from place to place and let me watch them without worrying about stings.

Cheryl's Jams, Jellies and Toppings is made right here in Renton from berries found within our lovely state. This is the owner and creator, Cheryl's, seventh year at the market and she is constantly expanding her repertoire. I was most interested in the Black Cap/Rhubarb Jam - which is made from a wild relative to the Black Raspberry and Rhubarb. There are also offerings for those who can't eat sugar but don't object to Splenda. Samples gladly served and the prices will fit anyone's budget. Huckleberry, blackberry, strawberry, golden apricot - to name some of the line-up. 804 Renton Ave. S. 425-235-0130.

These peppers never fail to make me happy - the waxy, colorful glow makes me want to take them home and include them in dinner. These were at the Magana Farms out of Yakima.

Hayton Farms has some of the best berries at the market. Right now it is blueberry season with them, and a flat is selling for $15, with 2 going for $22. These really freeze well and last quite awhile. Great to have on hand for baking or just using on top of cereal. Plan ahead for the winter months, and stock up now.

The music today was Brazilian and the group, Show Brazil, had everyone dancing on their feet and banging or rattling an instrument. The enthusiasm was contagious, and I saw members of all age groups shake what God gave them to the percussive beat the group was laying down.

The group came to the market through a joint partnership between Arts Unlimited and the Renton Farmers Market. We have Stefeny Anderson, Renton Farmers Market Coordinator, to thank for this stroke of genius and for helping to cook up some variety and flavor for us regular market goers to soak up.

Thanks, Stefeny!
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