Thursday, August 13, 2009

Friendly Faces

I am lucky, camera in hand, to take photos of faces that just brighten up any day. This is Che and Kevin's daughter Katie, owners of the CK Nail Salon that is still under repair after the big fire 6/11, and she is their youngest. And she is a smiler.

This is Mary and her daughter, Shannon. They presently live together and take an midmorning coffee break in our downtown together (Liberty Cafe, of course). Peas in a pod, wouldn't you say?

Mark Arnold and his entire 4 generations of family member's artistic endeavors are currently on display at the Liberty Cafe. He showed up to the blogger meetup with a name tag " Skate Park Mark". I think he can go somewhere with that, don't you?

This is Tyson, recently photographed at the Renton Farmers Market, and that expression cracks me up every time I see it. Aaaarghhhh! Tyson was working off a ticket for Burning Man that week and when this was taken, the end of his labors were looming ever so near.
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