Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cutting edge food at the Farmers Market

Times when you have less money in your pocket but still need to keep the household fed and running, means eating out less and cooking in more. The Renton Farmers Market is the spot you are looking for to provide a moment of entertainment (Chef Demo at 4:30 with the Whistle Stop Alehouse, live music not to far after that with the Lava Flo Trio, and Kid's Patch to keep the littluns' occupied) and a wealth of fresh, wholesome locally grown cooking ingredients.

It is also a place where new food discoveries can be launched and test marketed, like the lovely and flavorful "Traisin" that Darrell Westover of Westover Farms out Maple Valley Highway was taking for a test run last week.

We have all heard of raisins, and then of course the cranberry dried fruit called a craisin, but this is a cherry tomato that, through the process of dehydration, produced a small "pop in your mouth" snack that you could add to zest up salads, put on pizza or just take along as a treat in your pocket.

Come out to the market today and enjoy yourself. Your wallet will be pleased, you will be shopping locally and you'll get plenty of ideas for dinner. Oh, and today is Hawaiian Day - and you might need to stop and have one of those colorful Shave Ices to help commemorate.

Renton Farmers Market
Today 3 pm - 7 pm
The Piazza/ S. Third Street and Burnett

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