Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Let Me Take You to the Market - Week 8

An apple a day will chase the blues away - and give you a healthy disposition to boot! Pink Lady Apples - $2/lb - today, at the Market.

What better sales advertisement than the vendor eating his own peaches? Acma Orchards from Quincy,Wa. They also sold the lovely apples pictured above. I took home my week's worth, how about you?

Buy your daily dose of veggies every week right at the Piazza in our DTR. Fresh from the farm. emphasis on LOCAL.

The weather was a "mite" hot today (can we get a temperature reading here? I think near 90), but that did not stop the crowds from gathering and shopping.

The Sweet Roasted Corn on the Cob Stand also sells some really good lemonade - which was looking very satisfying and thirst quenching on a day like today. Ain't that just purdy?

Snow cones can turn your tongue the best of all colors - deep, dark purple - like Raya here with her Mom, Jessica. Raya poses like a islander warrior - and is just as fierce about her summertime refreshments.

Little Prague European Bakery is one of the "must" stops on our family's list. Just super good, full stop.

Linda and Inez, looking just as lovely and as colorful as the shopping bags they carry.

Meet Donut's to Doughnuts owner, Paul Weigel. Not to long ago, worker and drone bee at Microsoft. Now, happy owner of the great doughnut cart at the market.

Tagline "Bringing Doughnuts to the People" and a website here Paul is doing three farmer's market this first year - Renton, Issaquah and Auburn. Check him out and eat happy.

Ahhh - the flowers, the flowers! Still available each week, still within your pocketbook range, still gorgeous.

New food, great food. Los Agaves Traditional Mexican Cuisine and it looks and smells - amazing!

Oh my - this is just so yummy to look at, I couldn't help myself but to be drawn to the flame. Check out Los Agaves at their website here.

Some of you will surely remember Bill's Bodacious BBQ at the Renton Farmer's Market from years before. Bill and wife, Carol, pictured here, are now retired from the BBQ business and happily spending more time with family, still come to the Market every week, and have a new business to keep them a "little" occupied. Bodacious Travel allows Bill and Carol to be your leisure time consultants - bodacioustravel.rovia.com

(Bill and Carol - Mom and I still miss your great food!!)
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Funky Junk Sisters said...

Great blog! Great pics! We wanted to let you know that we are doing a big antique show and flea market in Puyallup in October. We hope you can come, if not maybe you could help us spread the word about it. Part of our event is a Girls Night Out fundraiser that benefits "Save the Ta Tas".
We will visit your blog often!

Linda & Dixie
The Funky Junk Sisters

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