Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How to "Beat the Heat" Farmer's Market Style

It started with a cooling thought, earlier this morning. Linda Middlebrooks, Volunteer Manager at the Renton Farmer's Market was on the horn to McLendon's, our favorite local hardware store, to see if they would be interested in letting a pair of "misters" be out on loan to the Kid's Patch at the market. Kiddies need to be nice and cool if they want to play. So do adults.

Needless to say, the misters were a Big Hit - with everyone at any and every age. With about a third of the usual crowd today, but still a rather full complement of vendors, it was essential to find ways for the farmers market faithful to keep as comfortable as possible.

Who doesn't love a little water? People just naturally gravitated to the moist and cool spout.

It was like mini-bath time at the mister for these two.

"It tickles!"

Vendor from Tiny's Organic Fruits drenched himself before heading back to the trenches, I mean, work.

When not in water, people drinking the water was the next best way to cool down. Hawaiian Shave Ice - great suggestion for really any kind of day. Just really good for today.

She was very proud of her own snow cone.

Dean at Sound Bites & Spread Co. was taking advantage of a plastic top and turning it into her own handheld ventilation system - a fan.

Joe and Pat both agree that Ice Cold Lemonade is the best "beat the heat" technique in town.

By far, the best drink of the day was a Mojito inspired green tea beverage that Huyen Martin at Pacific Mist Tea concocted up just for the day. She made each one to order, like a cocktail, with fresh mint and lime to top off this incredibly refreshing libation. At $2.50 it was heaven in a glass.

When asked, this sporty gentleman said that they way he intended to "beat the heat" today was to head off to the swimming pool. Which is just what I intend to do - as soon as I post this to all of you.
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Anonymous said...

OMG, I had one of those Mojito green tea drinks. Da Bomb!

Anonymous said...

Nice reporting, Lady P!


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