Sunday, July 5, 2009

DTR artscene

First Fridays at Liberty Cafe is more than just fresh conga music, great tunes spun out of the hands of DJ Phil Anthony plus food and marvelous cafe. It's about hanging a new art show for all to come see. Welcome to the zany world of Justine Carey.

I love that there is hanging artwork for sale - and I mean, the stuff that you can then hang on yourself - like these painted hats. Grab one, pay and go. Look hot. Be cool. Wear ART.

Perversely, this may indeed be one of my favorite pieces. So many women artists make "art dolls" - but, men? Dolls with man hair and exposed nipples? Hilarious.

Close up of a hat everyone ought to be wearin' in the DTR this week. Buy one, send me your photo in some fab Renton locale - and I will make you Picaroon famous. Wow - jump on that bandwagon folks.

Photo of the artist himself, Justine Carey. Don't have much to relate about the man himself- he is as zany and off kilter as his art, with some mad humor thrown in, like his art. Justine's work on display this month at the Liberty Cafe. Buy a good cup of joe and check it out.

Liberty Cafe 926 South Third Street
(425) 235 -1400

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