Sunday, July 12, 2009

Car Show Gleam

This is the symmetry of car commotion that pedestrians were treated to today at the car show. Hope you made it down here, 'cuz the views were hard to beat.

I got soooo excited by this gorgeous hue of orange, I forgot to get this car's info, so mea culpa to owner and fans alike - but this was one sleek roadster.

Owned by Ray Nuemiller, this car is aptly named "Pinki". She is a 1960 Metropolitan Nash/Rambler and she is cute!

1941 Lincoln Zephyr owned by ALex and Virgie Cordas. That is sleekness personified.

Return to Renton Car Show - over 400 cars, extending down S.Third Street (formerly known as "The Loop") and shooting off onto adjoining side streets. Fabulous. Fun. Sooooo photo worthy.

You will be getting photos of some of my favorites all week long. I took almost 250 pics today, and I will be subjecting you to them regularly. So hold onto your carburetors, boys, Mama's gonna be bringing the cars on home to the blog!
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