Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Bike Squad

The Police Bike Squad is out and about - and I, for one, am happy to see that. The petty thefts that have been plaguing my neighbors and I during the middle of the day will be better served by a swift biker in a police uniform that is patrolling the streets of our dear Renton.
Pictured above is Officer Adam (left) and Office Humphreys, some of Renton's finest. Within an hour of taking this photo, I saw 5 police on bikes having a meet-up in North Renton. I told them about the plant thefts, the gas siphoning from cars - all that have occurred in the middle of the day in my 'hood within the last few days! Some extra attention to my street would be very welcome. So, thanks in advance guys - and I really mean it.

I am on a warpath myself. No one hurts my peeps and goes unnoticed!
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PersonOfInterest said...

Somebody stole my hookah off my back porch! (I'm in North Renton) Now I'm mad.

Lady P said...

Ohhhh - now isn't that a shame! Everyone knows that hookahs, like plants, are left on porches to beautify and lend an air of mystery to the surroundings. I suggest you do what my friend did when her plants were nabbed - plat the hookah in the ground. That will thwart those nasty hookah stealers for sure!

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