Saturday, July 25, 2009

Art Market Favs

Spooky Mama Creations by Alicia Sigala - fun, a little dark (I like it!), whimsy that was affordable and cool.

Kettle Corn - absolutely necessary.

Lilie de Vallee lovely organic bath and body products.

Eric Newman Porcelain Stoneware and Earthenware - gorgeous

Alexandria Sandlin - Artist and creator of lovely "big eye" art. Cards, jewelery, and other lovelies all with her fab figures on them.

Noxenlux Chapeaux - Unique Hats for ANY Style

The Art Market at the Renton River Days
12pm - 8pm Saturday and Sunday still
Gianini Stadium/Liberty Park

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting great pictures of the artist in the show. It was so much fun.

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