Monday, June 1, 2009

Renton shapes up

They meet every Saturday morning on the jungle gym where the Cedar River Trail meets the southeast corner of the Renton Memorial Stadium parking lot. Carolyn is the defacto leader - though she demurely denied the title when asked. There seems to be a circuit of workout exercises, but someone in the know pairs up with a newbie, and you are good to go. There is great camaraderie here, lots of wisecracks and general bonhomie - and all are welcome. Hey, they even invited me to join!

I apologize in advance if I caught anyone there on Saturday in a compromising position. They were all tremendous good sports and I could see that there were many levels of exercise abilities at play within the group. I think it would be safe to go and give it a try - regardless your gym class proficiency ( or let's cut to the chase - lack thereof!)

After a good sweat, and a lot of groaning ( or so it seemed to me) the newly tuckered out retire to the Common Ground Cupcakes and Coffee Shop on South Third Street to have a cup of coffee and kvetch. It ain't called Pain in the Grass for nothin'!
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