Saturday, June 27, 2009

Plant thieves among us

Actual photo I took a month ago of one of the stolen plants

The planter was taken from right under the window, in the middle of the afternoon and any other time, someone would have been at home.

My friend is heartsick over the theft of some lovely plants that she grew from both seed and little starts herself, this, the first year of gardening for her after many years of failing health. Revitalized by a major surgery, my friend has been working her green thumb everyday. She shares all of her efforts with her neighbors as well as spending hours down at the local P-Patch on N.First Street adjacent to the Renton Senior Activity Center. After consoling her, I encouraged her to call the police. This was the third call that day for this type of theft in the area. The policeman was not without humor - he suggested a booby trap that would cut off the next hand that tried to steal a plant from her.

Once more phone calls were made to neighbors and friends, the link to other articles and thefts of plant life was discovered. I am enclosing links to the articles below and the video that was taken outside the Jahn's home, who are featured in the articles, of a plant thief in action. Even sadder for that neighborhood - it seems that it is a resident in their own area!

We just want things to be pretty around here! Must we padlock the pansies? If you see anyone carrying planters down the street in a stealthy, ne'er do well manner - please call the police. Mention this to your friends and neighbors as a precaution. It was thought that maybe the plants in this instance might be being resold to gain money for other "activities". Keep your eyes open - if you cruise Craiglist, be on the watch out for people trying to make a buck off of someone else's yard labor.

Note: I have been told that about 2 weeks ago there was a feature in perhaps The Times that directly mentions Renton and plant theft. I was unable to track this down. Do any of your know?

UPDATE: Monday 6/29 The thieves were back AGAIN in the middle of the day. My friend came back early from her doctor's appt to find plants pulled to the side and readied for a speedy cruise by pick-up. Damn - she is mad and hurt. If you have had plants stolen, please leave a comment on The Picaroon.

Here in the Seattle Times June 17


Another about the theft on the video below at the Jahns Residence:
On Video:


Feathered Nest said...

Unbelievable video. I'm constantly amazed at people and the things that they do! Stealing others that's an all time low. And creepy!


Anonymous said...

This botanical outrage on your community must be nipped in the bud! I would like to see a mob of gardeners slapping the thief with their gloves and poking him/her with the trowel. Great story!

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