Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's the little things that count

A spot of color, the random flower pot that greets you on a walk downtown pulsing with greenery and life - it's the little things that count. One of my friends, Ron, thinks all of my flower pictures on the blog are rather "girly". Maybe so - because a handful of us "girls" love these new additions to the face of South Third Street.

It started with a simple pot donated by Sue Moeller to a resident living above the now defunct store, Feathered Nest. The pot was really far to heavy to be moved, and it needed a loving hand to care for it. When gifted to Daniel, it just must have triggered his green thumb. He planted, he watered, he spruced things up with paint. And soon there were two pots of flowers.

On these hot days, Daniel is taking all of the local greenery along his street under his care. I saw him walking up and down the block with his water buckets, making sure all of the plants got a good drink.

I miss all of our lovely hanging baskets that used to beautify our town. Daniel's mission seems to be to bring a little of that back. And all of us girls love him for it.
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Feathered Nest said...

Daniel was a great neighbor to us while at Feathered Nest. He always looked after the flower pots and as you can see up in his windows facing S. 3rd St. he loves to garden.

I was happy to as I told him "will" the flower pot to him. I know he'll take great pride and care in it!


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