Saturday, June 13, 2009

Does your dog drink beer?

Even if your dog doesn't imbibe ( I know, he Barks - you drink the Beer) - you know what he does like. He likes to run. He does not like to sit on the couch with a brewski and the remote. He likes to kick up his heels and play like the wild thing that he/she is. He wants park time - badly.

See that face there? That is the face of a dog desperately in need of some offleash time running in the grass. And starting next weekend (June 20-21) with the breaking of ground and the setting of poles in Renton's first Offleash Dog Park along the banks of the Cedar River - that is exactly what all of our soon to be ecstatic puppies are going to be getting. (Want to volunteer ? they still need help, my little peeps!)
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We, the owners of small furry friends have had our prayers heard. As seen in the schematic above, along side the front gate to the park there will be an area reserved for the small dogs. Thank you, RUFF organizers for hearing out our needs and seeing that they were met.

The 130 tickets for the fundraising event, Barks and Beers, held at The Dog and Pony Grill and Alehouse, were sold out by the day of the event (Sat. 6/13) and the turnout was good. There were adorable table centerpieces, paw print balloons, a table full of "ruffle" prizes and a drawing for a trip to Victoria, replete with food, whale watching,etc. with tickets which were sold for a $5 donation. Dennis Law, our mayor, that's right! won that one. How did he pull that off? I hear that he bought scads of tickets. Wonder if the trip is "dog friendly?"

Christine Taylor (soon to be Christine Rousse) with her prize black lab plushy.

Amongst those gathered in support of RUFF (Renton's Unleashed Furry Friends/Renton Community Foundation), I saw Marcie Maxwell, Rich Zwicker and ever so briefly, Marcie Palmer. There was seating both in the outside beer garden as well as within the pub at The Dog and Pony. The fare was basic hotdogs and hamburgers with the inclusion of a Veggie burger for our nonmeat eating friends, plus a side of potato salad and some chips. There were about 6 beers on tap, all of them donated, and each ticket came with two beer coupons good for a pint of beer or a glass of wine or soda. Examples of the dog-themed beer of the evening were - Laughing Dog Brewery's Alpha Dog (a nice double IPA), and Flying Dog Brewery Double Dog Double Pale Ale.

We had gorgeous, temperate weather for the event. Everyone seemed to be having a really good time. The beer garden this day, alas, was free of dogs. Sorry Fido!

Big Dog Thanks go out to Jay and Kristen Fisher (Jay, pictured here above) for hosting and helping out with this event for such a good cause. Also, a shout out to the following companies who contributed to the successful evening:
Cedar River Composting
Click Distributing
Deschutes Brewery
Elysian Brewing Company
Food Services of America
Flying Dog Brewery
Fuller's Breweries International
Georgetown Brewing Company
Lagunitas Brewing Company
Laughing Dog Brewing
Mac & Jacks Brewing Co.
New Belgium Brewing
The Odom Corporation
Pacific Beverages
SAB Miller
World Class Beverages

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Freakazoid Freddy said...

I was there. Spoke to Rich Zwicker, introduced myself by my real name, and he knew me as Freakazoid Freddy, and saw the two Marcies(doesn't that sound like a band name?)Maxwell and Palmer, but if I saw you there, I wouldn't have recognized you.

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