Saturday, May 23, 2009

Five Guys bring home the burgers and fries

Everybody and their uncle has been blogging and talking about how great the burger and fries are over at Five Guys - one of the more recent occupants over at The Landing. I had to go. I had to eat. I had to see for myself. And it was ALL true.

When you walk in, you pass a big box of roasted peanuts in the shell, which any customer is free to munch on while waiting in line for their burger feast. Next, you will see all the bag upon bag of potatoes waiting for their turn to become fries at your side and a sign that tells you where your fries hale from today. Ours were from Rexburg, Idaho - glad to meet ya!

The good news is that you just have to decide on a hamburger or a hot dog and how big to go with your fries. There is nothing else on the menu to confuse the ordering issue (oh, except for vegetarian burgers and grilled cheese for those noncarnivores). However, be forewarned - the regular burgers have TWO patties on them and the fries come in cups where there are just as many fries in your bag as in the size cup you ordered. Be careful - I am not exaggerating here, and you could be forced to eat even more than you planned on (which may in fact be a given at this place).

Five Guys has an incredible selection of fountain drinks and also the coolest Ice Tea dispenser I have seen in a while, and they offer fresh slices of lemon on the side. Sorta like the list of toppings that you can have on your burger - numerous, and all incuded in the price of your burger. The standards plus grilled onions and grilled mushrooms, jalapenos, BBQ sauce - it keeps going. When ordering bacon, I was told you could have extra for the same price. What?!? But they use 100% Peanut Oil for their cooking - no preservatives or cholesterol. That evens up the game.

The freshness, the great energy of the place (I saw 10 people working to prepare orders and being generally boisterous), the signs that boast of Five Guys great business over the years, is sure to make this establishment fare well in Renton. THIS was the kind of place we the citizens of Renton were promised when The Landing and it's occupants were first discussed. Unique. I think this is the only one in the state so far. Five Guys first started in Arlington,VA but is best known for it's presence in the other Washington - the DC area. Glad that they are doing so well that they landed up here. You will be glad to when you have sampled their wares. Good eating.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries (425) 228 - 2286
910 N. !0th Pl. Renton, WA 98057
Open 11 am - 10 pm, 7 Days a Week

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