Friday, May 22, 2009

Barks,beers and little woofs

June 13th the Renton Offleash Dog Park will receive another good boost in the arm - the Barks and Beers event to benefit the park will be held at the Dog & Pony and the tickets are going fast. The Dog and Pony has always held human's best friend in high regard - the patio out to the side of the establishment is dog friendly and is used in the warmer months by many as a great place to dine on some great pub food and beer along with the furry "other half".

And while I have your attention - I want to put in a word for the smaller woofs in the crowd. Wookie, above, is a Chinese Crested Powder Puff, who weighs in at a whopping 4 pounds. Just this week he was grabbed up in the jaws of a much bigger dog at a dog park that does not have an area for "smaller dogs". His human, Sue Rider, hopes that in the entire 5 acres that is being allotted for the park, some consideration will be given to the wee folks who don't always have the easiest of times with those 80 pound four leggers. I second that motion. I have a wee one and he is just plain afraid of anyone else's shadow when it comes right down to it, even though he likes to make out with his initial annoying barking that that is not the case. Napoleon complex - owner diagnosed.

Barks & Beers Saturday June 13th 5-9pm
Dog and Pony Grill and Alehouse 351 Park Ave (425) 254 - 8080
Tickets available now at the Dog for $30/$35 at door (but only some will be available)
Includes two dog-themed beers and your choice of hamburger,veggie burger, hotdog served with some tasty side dishes.
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