Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring Photos at the Festival

Springtime weather for the Spring Festival, hallelujah and can I hear an Amen!
Who could pass up a pair like this? The pooch was dressed up like a pirate = a picaroon! Photo worthy in my book...
This is Cheryl and Poodie herself - the inspiration and namesake of the latest pet grooming parlor to enter the realms of Renton - otherwise know as Poodie's Pet Palace, at 123 Mill Ave. S. (425) 228 - 8225. Poodie owns Magenta, the mistress of the Diamond Tattoo Parlor just around the corner from Poodie's. Both are hardworking lasses, but never let that get in the way of looking good and vibrantly, well, magenta.
My favorite find at the Spring Festival was this vendor, Wacky Crayons, nontoxic coloring bits in all shapes and sizes, with lovely colors at every corner. The urge to sit down and start creating was hard to pass up.
Brian Larson is always at the helm of any gathering, microphone in hand, spinning some tunes and introducing the entertainment. Committed volunteer - rain or shine.

I leave my favorite for last - John, the resident DANCER at any downtown event. Equal opportunity dancing partner, makes anyone look good in a spin on the Piazza floor. One dance and you are all smiles again - I guarantee it!

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Anonymous said...

Best photographer in Renton, yo.

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