Sunday, April 26, 2009

Renton Peeps on a Sunday Afternoon

I ran into the Corman/Jones Clan as they were parading out from the Common Ground Coffee and Cupcake Shop - Randy and Cathy are now one my blog in a photo - ha ha, got you now! Damn, does their whole family have to be photogenic?!!

This is Spike and Wookie - two of my furry buddies - they belong to the Chinese Crested Clan. Wookie is a hairy hairless, while Spike is, well, primarily hairless....

This is the ubercool new artwork that mysteriously appeared overnight at the Liberty Cafe. Whoever the artist is needs to step up and take credit - we are all loving it!


Anonymous said...

The pictures aren't working :(

Lady P said...

Thanks Krissie - weird but now fixed!!

Anonymous said...

*blushing* from your nice comments :-)

It was awfully fun running into you Sunday morning.

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