Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Head to the restuarant with the best view in town

We are indeed lucky to live in the Pacific Northwest. Abundance of blue water and green foliage to be had at every vista. Minutes away from our downtown you can have a seat on the water, watching the boats cruise by and pay a fraction of what it would cost to dine anywhere else with such an impressive waterfront view - Ivar's.

The sun is out, so you may have to circle the parking lot a moment. But it is so worth the effort. Ivar's large glass windows are open to the elements and Ivar's does serve up some very mean fish and chips, topped of with my favorite tartar sauce.
Ivar's is right out on the end of the pier - so you have a full 180 degree view from inside.

Just one of the views you will be treated to if you go and treat yourself to a meal at Coulon Park.
Couldn't pass up this photo - here comes the baby brigade! Take a walk to work up your appetite or to assuage you guilt after one too many fries. Either way, lunch or dinner at Ivar's this Spring is a taste treat that is as easy on the budget as it is on the eyes.

Ivar's Gene Coulon Park (425) 255 - 3951 1201 Lake Washington Blvd. N. Renton


Wendy said...

Lady P,
how can I send you an email?

Anonymous said...

we seem to be following each other. we were at jones park on saturday and at coulon all day today.

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