Monday, April 13, 2009

Another hardy soul ventures into business

Just over the last couple of days Mucho Bueno, a family mexican restaurant, changed it's color and announced a new change of owner. When I went today, I couldn't get any more details, but it looks like another hardy soul is entering into the restaurant fold with a Northwest Bar and Grill.
I recall seeing that the owner of Mucho Bueno at N. Third St. and Park Ave. had his business listed for sale on Craigslist last summer because of "family" issues that made him want to sell. Maybe he finally got the buyer he wanted after all.

Stay tuned as I look to see when and how this bar and grill will open as we approach our "summer" - ah, summer, what a lovely, dry and warm prospect....
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Anonymous said...

This is a block away from my house, so we're pretty excited. We were sad to see Eric close Mucho Bueno (they had a great happy hour and a fantastic staff)! It's due to open in June, so I suspect they are really gutting the interior. That could be nice, since MB was kind of run down. But if they make it too nice, they'll be competing with the Dog and Pony just a block away. Really, with Touchdowns and Dog and Pony within walking distance (and Pounders, Williams Avenue sports bar and DCs also within walking distance when it's not storming) I'm curious to see how the new place tries to differentiate itself. The name seems uninspired, but if it's a great place with a dull name maybe that will help keep it a North Renton secret. :)

Anonymous said...

I have to admit to my sorry that we never gave Mucho Bueno a chance as we just assumed that it was a rename from the previous not-so-good restaurant.

I hope Eric escaped unscathed and wish the new owners luck.

Lady P said...

Thanks for the comments and for the info on the June opening. I didn't know Eric, but I do know the Dog and Pony. 32 taps of revolving beer - you'd have to really work hard to beat that!

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