Sunday, March 29, 2009

Yummy Yoggi - the new Renton desert

As of yesterday, Downtown Renton just became yummier. Yoggi Frozen Yogurt is open and serving some mighty fine nonfat, healthy (full of live and active cultures/ probiotics for the body) yogurt and smoothies. Fresh fruit toppings laid right out where you can drool over them, as well as a few of those "not on my diet, but oh well" goodies like Captain Crunch and dark chocolate chips.

It does not even need to be summer for you to walk in and enjoy this sister establishment of Pho Hoa on S. Third Street. John, the owner pictured above, has been wanting to get some yummy yogurt in our city for awhile - and believe you me, he has the goods. Free samples are flowing while they try to get the word out - so stop on by. Pho Hoa is connected through a doorway, so you can even eat your noodles first, planning to leave room for your "afters." WiFi is also available, so you can settle in for a minute and relax.

Pho Hoa has been a part of our downtown scene for 5 years already. How sweet it is to see them grow!

Yoggi Frozen Yogurt 801 S. Third Street (425) 204-9991 Don't forget to get your yogurt punch card started right away!
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chenda said...

I was there on sunday with my wife and her family. What an awesome place. There is a nice little play area for the kids to play and a private room for conference or meetings. The place was very warm and inviting from colors and all the people in line waiting anxiously for their yummi desert. It was very nice to have a nice hot bowl of Pho and then f/u with a tasty yogurt. I know my wife and I will definitely go back for more!

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